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Get the satisfaction that comes with a Chrysler Group Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

With a Chrysler Group Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle (CPOV), you have far more than just a “used” vehicle. You have confidence, pride and a vehicle that you can trust. You’re Certified.

Every Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge and Ram CPOV can be counted on to go the distance. Our CPO vehicles must pass a stringent certification process that guarantees only the finest late model vehicles get certified. Every vehicle that passes is then subjected to a comprehensive 125-point inspection and a thorough reconditioning process using Authentic Mopar® Parts.

For even more peace of mind, we’ve included the factory-backed 7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty,1 the 3-Month/3,000-Mile Maximum Care Coverage,2 24-Hour Towing and Roadside Assistance,3 Car Rental Allowance,4 CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ and an introductory 3-month subscription to SiriusXM® Satellite Radio.5 Plus, we offer something you won’t find from any other manufacturer: Lifetime Certified Warranty Upgrades.6 Imagine that … a warranty that will cover your CPOV for as long as you own it!

Chrysler Group CPOV — it’s how to be 100% certified with your vehicle.

Certified Confidence Comes with our Factory-Backed Warranties

7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty

• Runs seven years from date vehicle was originally sold as new or 100,000 miles on odometer (whichever comes first)
• Covers repair or replacement of most major powertrain components, including transmission, engine and driveline
• A deductible applies per covered repair visit. See dealer for details

3-Month/3,000-Mile Maximum Care Warranty

• Starts on the date of the CPOV sale, or at the expiration of the remaining 3/36 Basic New Vehicle Warranty
• Maximum Care Warranty covers most vehicle components (over 5,000)
• A deductible applies per covered repair visit. See dealer for details

Lifetime Certified Upgrade Plans

Now you can complement your 7-Year/100,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty with a choice of three Lifetime Certified Upgrade Plans. It’s a feature offered only by Chrysler Group LLC because we’re confident in our products and loyal to our customers.

• Starts on the date of plan purchase
• Complementary Mopar® Vehicle Protection™ Plans include: Powertrain Care, Added Care Plus and Maximum Care
• A deductible applies per covered repair visit. See dealer for details

See your dealer for more information or call 1-800-677-5782.



1. Under 75,000 miles
2. Five model years or newer
3. No frame damage
4. Clean title
5. Aftermarket accessories do not compromise safety, emissions or operation of vehicle


6. Warranty Manual
7. Owner’s Manual
8. Operational key
9. CARFAX® Report
10. Certified Pre-Owned Consumer Warranty Brochure


Pre-Road Test
Underhood checks

11. Hood release
12. Brake fluid
13. Power steering fluid filled
14. Wiper/washer fluid filled
15. Battery condition/load test
16. Charging system operation
17. Throttle linkage operation

Operational checks

18. Remote key fob
19. Door/liftgate/trunk
20. Seat adjuster
21. Steering column adjuster
22. Ignition switch
23. Malfunction indicator lamp/warning lamp
24. Air bag system
25. Trip computer/overhead console
26. Heated seat
27. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning system
28. Turn signal/hazard lamps
29. Horn
30. Brake lamps
31. Headlamp/high beam/low beam
32. Interior lamps
33. Door locks (all switches)
34. Windows
35. Parking brake
36. Fog lamp
37. Windshield wiper system operation
38. Wiper blades in good condition
39. Rear window wiper condition
40. Rearview mirror
41. Sideview mirrors
42. Rear defroster
43. Seat belts
44. Convertible top
45. Sunroof

Road Test

46. Ease of starting
47. Cold-idle quality
48. Gear selector operation

Steering performance

49. Power steering performance
50. Steering wheel center alignment
51. Vehicle tracking performance

Equipment operation

52. Cruise control
53. Overdrive
54. Instrument panel/gauges
55. Sound and/or entertainment system

Powertrain performance

56. Acceleration performance
57. Clutch operation (manual transmission)
58. Upshifting performance
59. Downshifting performance
60. Steady throttle performance
61. Transfer case all-wheel-drive performance
62. Hot-idle performance

Braking performance

63. Brake booster performance
64. Vehicle tracking
65. Antilock Brake System
66. Overall stopping performance

Vehicle comfort

67. Free from wind leaks

Post-Road Test

68. Fluid leaks — visible inspection
69. All fluid levels (underhood)
70. Hot restart performance


Perform the following fluid inspection and/or changes:

71. Change engine oil, oil filter and use Mopar® parts
72. Inspect air filter
73. Automatic transmission fluid and filter
74. Manual transmission fluid
75. Front differential fluid (4×4 only)
76. Rear differential fluid (4×4/RWD/AWD)
77. Transfer case fluid (4×4/AWD)
78. Engine coolant level and test
79. Front brakes have 50% or more of lining remaining
80. Front and rear brake component condition
81. Rear brakes have 50% or more of lining remaining
82. Perform outstanding vehicle campaigns
83. Identify non-Mopar® accessories
84. Tires match and are manufacturer’s recommended size/load capacity
85. Wheels match and are correct size and offset
86. Tread depth is 4/32″ remaining
87. Tire sidewall condition
88. Tire pressures are set to Chrysler specifications
89. Brake-line condition
90. Shocks and struts condition
91. CV joints boot condition
92. Exhaust system
93. Front suspension
94. Rear suspension
95. Steering components
96. Wheel bolts torqued to specifications
97. Tire-changing equipment (including spare, if applicable)
98. Drive belts are tight and not damaged
99. Engine hoses
100. Emission system hoses
101. State/local testing
102. Module scan tool check


Exterior condition

103. Body panels
104. Fascias
105. Bumpers
106. Decals/emblems/trim pieces in place
107. Glass/lamp covers
108. Wheel/wheel covers
109. Truck bed/bedliner

Interior Condition

110. Instrument panel
111. Door panels
112. Seating
113. Headliner/package tray
114. Luggage compartment
115. Carpet/mats/floor mats


Exterior detailing

116. Clean engine compartment
117. Touch up/recondition minor surface scratches
118. Remove tar, bugs and road oil
119. Exterior wash and wax
120. Wipe down all door jambs

Interior detailing

121. Clean ashtray/cigarette lighter
122. Clean vinyl, plastic and leather surfaces
123. Clean glass surfaces
124. Vacuum and/or shampoo all interior carpets
125. Free of odors/moisture and water leaks


Still need certifying? We also check for:

• Road-ready vroom
• Wicked spiffiness
• Freedom from worry
• Accelerated joy
• All-over awesomeness


Towing/Roadside Assistance

24-hour “Sign and Go” (up to $100 per occurrence) includes:

• Flat-tire service (with your good spare)
• Gas delivery (up to two gallons)
• Battery-jump assistance
• Lockout service (e.g., keys locked in car or frozen lock)
• Towing service (if vehicle is inoperative)

Car Rental Allowance

• If your vehicle requires repairs, is inoperable due to the failure of a covered component and repairs take overnight
• Up to $35 per day ($175 maximum per occurrence)

First Day Rental

• Provides a $35 First Day Car Rental Allowance or Taxi Reimbursement for any dealership mechancial repair or maintenance service (excluding bodywork)


Hear what a great car sounds like.

With over 140 channels, SiriusXM® brings you more of what you love. You get commercial-free music from every genre, artist-dedicated channels and live performances you can’t hear anywhere else. Hear the best sports coverage with live play-by-play and expert talk, including every NFL game, every NASCAR® race, college sports and more. And you’ll get exclusive talk, entertainment and comedy including Howard Stern, Entertainment Weekly Radio, Jamie Foxx’s The Foxxhole and Comedy Central Radio, plus world-class news, family programming, local traffic and weather, and more. Welcome to the world of satellite radio. For more information, call 1-877-447-0011.

Every Certified vehicle comes with a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™

Based on information supplied to CARFAX®, every CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ checks for:

• Vehicle registration
• Title information including salvaged or junked titles
• Odometer readings
• Lemon law buybacks
• Total loss accidents
• Frame/structural damage
• Prior airbag deployment
• Other Accident indicators
• Service and repair information
• Vehicle usage (taxi, rental, lease, etc.)
• Recall information

The CARFAX® Buyback Guarantee™ protects you from unknowingly buying a used car with DMV-reported incidents (salvage, fire, flood damage, odometer problems or lemon history).*

CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™ are based on information supplied to CARFAX®. CARFAX® does not have the complete history of every vehicle.

*Subject to the CARFAX® Buyback Guarantee™ Terms and Conditions available on